Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Breaking Point

I don't know about you, but I thrive on order.

To be clear: there are most definitely occasions when I can allow my life to fall into disorganized chaos and still get by, but if it's not a holiday or warranted vacation, I must have my habitat clean and organized in order to keep it [as in my sanity] together.

To spare you the gory details: our house has not lived up to these standards over the past couple of days. In addition to the recent drain problem/dishes piling up, Alex and I have either been running around or vegging on the couch to recover from said running around all weekend- leaving the house's cleanliness a troubling afterthought.

That is, until today-

cue sigh of relief.

After enjoying a scrumptious breakfast- two boiled eggs and maple granola toast (yes, it's as good as it sounds),

I decided to take matters into my own hands and buy a bucket to wash the dishes in.

Well, technically a kitty litter pan

but sometimes you gotta play the hand CVS life deals you.

After several hours of intense sweeping, scrubbing, laundry, dusting, polishing and music blasting, I feel sane again.

(See that pile next to the computer? That never goes away....)

 (Alex's bike is the newest addition to our living room)

Finished just in time to make it to rehearsal!

In the spirit of getting back on track, I attempted Angela's protein-packed salad of the same name:

Back On Track Wheat Berry and Bean Salad

I never realized how valuable a draining kitchen sink was until I had to prep something without it, but things came together nonetheless.


Tomorrow is British High Tea day as part of the Food World Series- be back then with a recap!

How long do your wits last with your house in a shambles?  ;)


  1. I thrive on order too! I'm a little OCD like that and I definitely have my quirky things that need to be just right in order for me to be content. I can't go to bed at night with a messy room. Yours looks super tidy!!

  2. about a week, then I HAVE to clean!

  3. I like your apartment. Can I move in?

  4. I definitely thrive on order! It's been hard because we rent a tiny little house....if we owned it I'd invest in different storage systems a la Container Store or Ikea, but since we just rent we haven't done anything. It's hard to keep things from getting cluttered when you have no where to put them "away!" : )

  5. cute digs! very stylee. but you saw my studio, right? perpetual shambles, right there- & totally visible from the couch. nothing i can do about that- my art demands chaos. wish i just had a door to shut so i could *pretend* i'm neat & orderly...

  6. now all i want to is get home and clean ha

  7. I am a thriver on order as well! I go a little crazy when things are not in order. We are house sitting right now and not having space to put my stuff is making me BONKERS!!
    Beautiful house!