Monday, January 24, 2011

A Little Night Tennis, Anyone?

After spending the better part of several hours prepping and editing a thorough post on my foray into less than stellar eating habits over the past 2 weeks, my computer ate it. All.

Around the time I was pounding on said computer in frustration, Alex got home from work and suggested we head to the tennis courts. Oddly enough, the last thing I felt like doing was exercising. I really wanted to get a post up after so many days away, but seeing all my hard work go to waste was terribly disappointing. I decided to take a break.

Nothing like running after hitting a few tennis balls to get the blogger in me back on track.

The lost post from earlier outlined my plan to jump back on the healthy bandwagon after 2 whirlwind weeks of rehearsal, work, granola bars for lunch, performance, repeat.

To make the long and frightfully honest story short-

My unhealthy downfalls of the past 10 days include:

-multiple meal skipping.... running between home, rehearsal space, work and other obligations left me constantly on the road or occupied. I barely had enough time to run into Subway to pick up a sandwich, let alone prepare something of value in my own home.

-the corner store diet... I probably consumed at least 12 Nature Valley granola bars over the past 10 days. Though considering my options on the next shelf over (snickers and twix bars galore), I could have done a lot worse.

-countless sips too many of beer and/or whiskey... 'nuff said.

-lack of proper exercise... don't get me wrong, this show was a workout in itself- tons of singing, dancing and running around. But with a lack of adequate fuel, I doubt my body appreciated the push.

-carb intake > veggie intake... this is to be expected whenever you're searching for the fastest thing to stuff your face with. When I'd get to work in the evenings and hadn't had a meal since mid-morning, I'd go straight to the bread oven in the kitchen. That, or order the overly processed veggie burger offered on our menu.

Things weren't all bad. I made a point to load up on veggies by drinking green juice as often as possible.

And while I admit to making some not-so-great eating choices, am currently suffering a terrible bout of post-show withdrawal, and likely won't be able to rid my eyes of semi-permanent black liner for another week or so, this show was totally worth it!

Below are photos from a rehearsal:

I've been looking for an acting project to kick my creative booty into high gear for awhile now.

Thanks to Cyclops: A Rock Opera, inspiration abounds- not only within my actor self, but the kitchen as well.

Tomorrow marks day one of my attempt at Kris Carr's adventure cleanse!

After successfully kicking coffee to the curb, it's time to live a life free of alcohol, refined sugar, processed foods and gluten for 21 days. Will there be missteps? Maybe... maybe not.

But rest assured: I'll be blatantly honest about everything I experience throughout the process right here on the blog.

Be back tomorrow with a more detailed rundown of the cleanse and a recap on day one.

**Have you ever fallen off the health wagon? If so, was it easy to jump back on or did you have to take extra care to discipline yourself?

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