Friday, January 7, 2011

Soup Off

This week's long list of obligations has unfortunately kept me far away from my kitchen love.

Meaning my meals have generally consisted of things from tupperware,


and work.

So on this, my first night off and in since last week, I couldn't wait to spend some quality time in front of the [warm] stove.

What better way to kindle an old flame than by stirring the controversy pot? ;)

When scouring the aisles at TJ's for some warm, quick and easy dinner satisfaction, something in the soup section caught my eye.

Or rather: somethings.

But which one was better?

You could base it on nutrition facts...

But the taste aspect is essential.

I walked out of the store, both products bagged, along with something that hasn't seen the light of my kitchen for awhile now....

It was just one of those nights.

As soon as I got the soups out of their respective containers and into the pots, I had a pretty good idea of which one I'd prefer...

Organic Black Bean Soup

Latin Style Black Bean Soup
I bet you do too.

When given the choice between smooth and chunky, I almost always go for the chunk.

Not only was the texture of the Organic Vegan Soup more satisfying, but the flavors were all over the place- in a good way. Veggies, spices, beans- yes please. 

The Latin Style soup did have a little more of a kick to it, but was much too oily and one note for my taste.

The cheddar cheese quesadilla on whole wheat tortilla wasn't half bad either. ;)

Now it's onto a relaxing evening of movie watching for this girl and her beau.

Idiocracy is in the blu ray player tonight. Anyone seen it? I hear it's a wacko comedy that hints at the nature of society today. Should be interesting... 

Catcha later!


  1. Hey sweetie! Hope you had a lovely, relaxing night. I love DVD nights! Not seen Idiocracy...just picked up "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" for my boyf and I. I would deffo go for the chunky soup too! xx

  2. I haven't had a quesadilla in ages! Thanks for reminding me how good they are :P And I'm like you, chunky soups are my fav!!

  3. Great way to show people that fewer calories sometimes means nothing. Awesome post!
    I tend to go for the chunky too - except when it comes to peanut butter. Then I'm a creamy fan ;)

  4. oooh, idiocracy... didja make it through that? it's horribly, horribly hilarious. and eerily appropriate for the times...