Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Buddy System

Yes, the same policy so ferociously enforced on primary school field trips can also be applied during adulthood.

That's if you've got a willing partner.

And luckily: that I do ;)

It all started with the cravings I got around 11am today.

After my obligatory tonic, green juice and smoothie, I couldn't stop thinking about... real food!

While the cleanse technically allows a little solid food before noon, I figured splurging on day 2 would be a tad on the lame side so I pushed through the pain and stuck with the plan.

After a tumultuous, but in the end GLORIOUS acting class, I met up with Alex at home for a walk around the 'hood.

Along the way, I confessed to him the difficulties I was facing in sticking with the cleanse- how I'd already committed to it and would feel silly backing out after day 2, but man was it tough!

Then, to my utter surprise, the chicken-loving, half-Mexican steak burrito-eater that is my boyfriend said he'd do the cleanse with me.

My mouth fell open.

"You know you'd have to give up meat, right?"


"And drinking."

"No problem... Wait! The superbowl...[thinks]... nah, nevermind, I can do it."

Turns out all this borderline vegan talk and health food errand-running he's endured over the past several months is starting to take root.

Honestly, I'm pretty excited to see how he feels after living without meat for a month, and knowing I've got someone along for the ride makes this journey seem far more doable!

After our talk, I made a bee line to the kitchen for dinner prep.

On the menu tonight?

Angela's Quick and Easy Vegan Alfredo

I've made the Vegan Yum Yum version once before and while every fiber in my being wants to squirm in distaste over a faux alfredo sauce, I can't help but really enjoy the flavor of every. single. bite.

It's so easy to make, too.

Put everything in the blender....

Prep your (gluten free in this case) pasta,

Heat the blended sauce, adding veggies of choice (be careful not to get it too hot- the mixture hardens rather easily)

And voila:

A gluten free, vegan dinner fit for a cleanse.

Maybe I'll get used to this?

Sitting at the table over the last couple bites of broccoli, I noticed the remnants of a perfectly ripe avocado.

That's when a divine thought came to me ,)

Gena's Chocomole!

Not only do I see the recipe all over the blogosphere, but it's included in the recipe section of Crazy, Sexy Diet. I decided then and there: What better time than now?

And so it was:

Seeing as I like my desserts cold (hello self-proclaimed ice cream addict!), I popped this puppy into the freezer for about an hour after blending and bam:

"Healthy chocolate pudding" + coconut = Heavenly livin'.

Speaking of heaven, sleep sounds pretty grand right about now!

Question: Are you a "buddy" person or do you prefer to fly solo when it comes to healthy endeavors? I for one am not the best at going to the gym with friends, but dietary experiments- bring on the partners in crime!


  1. I'm definitely going to need the recipe for that chocolate pudding! Yuum!

  2. OMG that pudding looks so decadent. Can't wait to try it.

  3. I'm mostly solo, but I enjoy a buddy every now and again...especially when I'm doing group classes like Zumba, Kickboxing, etc. But I've always run alone with just me & my ipod and I like it that way : )

  4. That chocolate pudding looks sooo good! I'm a pudding addict :) I've never topped it with coconut though, it sounds delicious :D

  5. I'm with everyone else, I'd love the recipe for the pudding! What a great idea! You've got such a great blog I can't wait to read what else you make!

  6. I like exercising alone - even with running - I think I enjoy the time to think and de-stress! However, when it comes to eating, I like to have a partner - someone to keep me on track and who will join me in the cooking/dining out adventures.

  7. when it comes to eating, i need a buddy. it's no fun to cook alone and i'll just fix myself a frozen pizza. but now that i've got a veggie-loving lover, i'm sooo much healthier. yay! :)