Monday, January 17, 2011

Green v Brown

Sunday morning started off with his and hers restaurant-inspired breakfasts.

As I mentioned a while ago, I'm attempting to save money- which means cutting back on the unfortunate  dining out habit I've acquired over the years.

Whenever I do give into the overwhelming urge and eat out, I always order something I could not, would not or should not make at home.

While soaking up the sun in Venice on Saturday, I chose a California omelet not because I can't or shouldn't put eggs and veggies together in a hot pan, but rather I knew breakfast potatoes and croissants were goodies I should keep to a minimum (aka out of my kitchen- because if it's there, I'll eat it).

Before deciding on said omelet, I'd been extremely tempted by the restaurant's delicious-sounding chocolate chip pancakes and breakfast quesadilla.

I bragged to Alex that I could easily replicate the two at home. In an attempt to simultaneously save face and please my hombre, I did exactly that upon rising yesterday (with some added health benefits, of course).

For the pancakes, I doused the whole wheat mix with almond milk and tons of ground flax + dark chocolate chips- 3 means of healthifying I seriously doubt most brunch places think about...

Plus banana,  pecans and 100% pure maple syrup

The quesadilla- well, I used a whole wheat tortilla and earth balance to grease the pan... that's about as healthy as I could make scrambled eggs, leftover Spanish rice and beans from Saturday night and shredded cheddar cheese.

But dang, it sure looked and smelled divine!

My pancakes served as wonderful fuel for an afternoon of rehearsal in a dark, dark room.

Void of any fresh air or windows.

Despite it being day 2 of absolutely perfect January weather in Los Angeles.

Before work last night, I downed this gigantic portion of Angela's back on track wheat berry salad + spinach.

I'm up and at 'em early this morning since I'm staring a 13 hour day at the theatre in the face.

And so begins tech week and the push to opening night.

Since this show is quite draining, meal planning will be of the utmost importance in the days ahead.


Here's a coffee update for ya:

I've officially made the switch to one cup of pure decaf in the morning and, on days when I lack the extra time to make it, I don't feel shabby in the least.

I admittedly suffered through a week and a half of icky low moods and sadness, but all that seems to have passed.

In fact: the thought of drinking the brown stuff this morning made me want to gag. I was instead craving something green, and so it was:

Not sure if it's the Crazy Sexy Diet having a profound impact on my head space or the sizable amount of ice cream/ not so bueno goodies I've consumed in the last week, but I honestly can't remember the last time I chose a green smoothie over coffee.

Maybe never?

Still suffering through the natural flavor of Sun Warrior (that stuff's 'spensive and I just can't bring myself to waste it), an old sweetener friend of mine came to the rescue

Thank the Lord.

The rest of the mix was frozen banana and mango, almond milk, water, and spinach.

Don't be surprised if you see the occasional cup o' Joe pop up in the coming week: I plan on using the remainder of my bag of decaf beans, then it's onto the strictly herbal tea and green juice phase of the weaning.

Since we're talking all things green and herbal, I've got some pretty exciting news to share.

It means great things for the blog, as well as my bod!

Next Monday the 24th, I plan on embarking on the 21 day cleanse outlined in Kris Carr's book! Since reading only the first couple of chapters, I've already been convinced to give her "adventure cleanse" a go. Seeing as I've already kicked caffeine for the most part, I've just got to get past the alcohol-soaked festivities lingering in my near future.

Our show opens next Saturday night- which most likely means mega-doses of partying over the weekend. I'm not trying to kid myself here, which I why I'm waiting to begin the cleanse next Monday.

I still have to live a little, right?

I'll be sure to outline it all- the ups, downs, recipes and effects- here :)

Alright, I'm off to the theatre.

Have you ever tried a detox/ cleanse? If so, which one? Did you like it or see any lasting effects?


  1. I love fancy breakfasts! So great for weekends!

  2. I also sometimes go for a green smoothie instead of coffee :) It wakes me up just as well and dosnt give me the jitters like coffee does!

  3. Heeyyyyyy sweetie! Great looking green smoothie! I meant to write you earlier about your high tea. I have to say, it looked very authentic and was very similar to the one my boyfriend and I shared a couple of weeks ago. I'm so glad you liked it! x x

  4. Both "restaurant dishes" look pretty amazing!
    And I just GOTTA try a Green Monster ASAP... Everybody except for me loves it!
    Oh, and by the way - I just posted my 7 random facts for the "Stylish Award"...
    Thanks, Madeleine :D

  5. His and her breakfasts look amazing!! LA looks beautiful in the winter :)
    Good luck on the cleanse! I've never done one before but am really interested in them. Can't wait to see how it goes for you! xx

  6. I think my diet is a little too Brown most days. I'm going to need to find a way to add spinach to dessert to make it green.