Monday, September 27, 2010

Endless Sweat

Hey y'all!

Jeepers! If I thought yesterday was hot, it was NOTHING compared to today.

I'm not exaggerating this time. It was the hottest day in Los Angeles since records have been kept (sometime in the late 1800's I believe).

My poor basil plant was NOT feelin' it...

All's I can say is: thank GOD for car air conditioning. It served me well on the way to the grocery store, where I loaded up on the basics.

Silly me lost my list somewhere and, as a result, forgot one of the key ingredients for the treat I mentioned earlier today... I'll just have to make it later this week. (It probably worked out for the best, considering the *treat* requires an oven and I did not even want to THINK about turning that puppy on.

I made juice instead.

See how hot I am?! (and by hot, I mean disgustingly SWEATY)

While I DID forget the key ingredient, I was ecstatic to find this after my morning rant on enriched flour:

Whole wheat flour... Bam! First ingredient on the list- nothing enriched in sight. You can always count on Trader Joe's :)

Pre-acting class dinner was delish.

A healthy pizza made with whole wheat naan, olive tapenade, fresh basil, light mozzarella and vine ripened tomatoes. hel-LO

The side salad was cucumber, red bell pepper and tomatoes tossed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Yum.

Well, I'm off to watch Boardwalk Empire with my love, eat some yogurt and get some sleep.

Day 2 of my week-long goal starts tomorrow: cycling class at 10am. Sweet!

G'nite :)

**Thoughts on acting**

In class tonight, we had a casting director come in to see our work. During the Q & A afterward, he stressed the importance of developing your craft and technique before even THINKING about putting yourself on the job market. It was such a refresher to hear someone in the industry speak about his appreciation of the craft. Goes to show: when you put relentless effort into becoming the best at what you love, you WILL succeed. No matter what the naysayers think.

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