Sunday, September 26, 2010

See Beauty Everywhere

Helloooo Sundayyyyy!

I've been up for 4 hours already- who'd'a thunk it? More on that later.

To back up to the last time we spoke. (yes, we spoke... virtually ;)

I had that green juice I mentioned.

Alex watched a little football while I read some cookbooks and ordered a FOOD PROCESSOR from Amazon. I've been debating dropping the dough for one for awhile now, but finally decided it'd be a wise investment. OH the possibilities! Get ready for loads of food processor action in the coming weeks- YAY!!

We then got our butts off the couch and went for a LONG walk in our lovely neighborhood.

Gah, it was so hot. Where was this heat all summer?

It's such a great stroll to the resevoir...

Tons of little independent boutiques and THIS coffee shop:

I love the bench sign.

This walk further proved to me how important and special the little things are in life. I've driven up and down this road dozens of times, but never noticed just how many great shops, houses and flowers lined the street.

Word of advice? Take a long walk in your neighborhood and make a point to see something you've never noticed before. It'll brighten your day, and slow you down!

We came home to a disappointing couple of hours of Gamecock football.

GEEZ! As soon as I start to have some real pride in my college team, they gotta let me down :(

Ah well, life goes on.

Later that night, Alex and I went back to Hollywood to catch a film at the second night of his friend's festival then, since we hadn't had dinner, made a pit stop at Aroma Bakery on Sunset where I (mostly against my will) ate these:

Avacado rolls.

The guac mix in the middle was fine, but the dough surrounding it was a little greasy for my taste.

I sucked down an unpictured soy mocha to give me the boost I needed to stay awake to see CAROLINE, a great friend of mine who rolled into town this morning close to 3am. Since she had to leave again by 10am, we arose at 8 to grab some breakfast and enjoy a brief catch-up session. (Hence the reason I've been up for so long already on a Sunday)

Golly, it was so good to see her :)

I had a yurm b-fast:

3 egg whites, a croissant and fruit + iced coffee.

We came back to the house briefly so's she could meet my love, then she breezed out of town almost as quickly as she arrived. Short and oh-so-sweet.

Now I'm off to see another friend I haven't seen in years. I think we're going to hit one of my favorite flea markets.

I'll be back here later with more details on that AND my big goal for the week :)

See you then! xox

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