Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mini Miracles Abound

Hiya Kids!

Happy Saturday :)

Last night and this morning have been filled with bits of good news and happiness.

To rewind, after spending a total of about 3 hours in my car yesterday (going to classes and navigating traffic), I was EXHAUSTED but knew Alex and I would soon have to venture out to his friend's film festival in Hollywood.

We decided to grab dinner at one of the MILLIONS of Mexican restaurants in this city. I munched on some chips and salsa (definitely in my top 5 favorite things to eat ever), drank a maragarita and moved onto these bad boys:

Fish tacos made with tilapia + an unpictured side of black beans and Spanish rice. YUM

(I'll go ahead and make a blanket apology for any less than stellar quality pictures you'll see on this blog- I'm hoping to invest in an amazing camera one of these days but until then, we'll just have to deal)

I did all I could, but with a belly semi-full of chips, salsa and tequila, I ended up eating most of one taco and half the fish and cabbage in another.

Plus, I knew we had to save room for the reason I suggested that part of town in the first place:

Y'all. It was beyond words delicious!!

I had this little miracle on a plate:

Coffee toffee ice cream sandwiched between two fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

And Alex had this:

Chocolate brownie, chocolate ice cream, topped with chocolate syrup.

Ummmm, yeah. I'm a diehard chocolate fan but this combo was TOO MUCH for me. Even Alex couldn't finish it. And he finishes EVERYTHING- especially when chocolate's involved.

We then made our way to the HEART of Hollywood...

Hung out at the festival for a bit, then headed home.

This morning, I was determined to take my computer/hard drive issue head-on. (Apparently, I was supposed to reformat the hard drive for a Mac and, with 2/3 of the screen not showing up, it was proving to be a tad difficult)... After 30 minutes of fretting over it and calling the hard drive help line, I restarted my computer randomly and TADA!

2 miracles in one:

The whole screen came up! AND I successfully reformatted the drive (with the help of a very nice Indian woman working at the hard drive help line). I think the disappearing screen will be a recurring issue, so I just plan on keeping my computer open until further notice :)

In the middle of the technology fiasco, I met my darling friend Mira for brunch.

I had this:

A breakfast sandwich with egg and cheddar + a side salad.

It was pretty good but I'm sure I could have made a better one myself for a quarter of the price. I was payin' for the company ;)

Well, I'm off to make some green juice and... do nothing... Enjoy the rest of your Saturday! :)

Tip of the day:
Ever grossed out by those squishy week old bananas chillin' on your kitchen counter?

Don't even THINK about throwing those puppies out- they're the PERFECT smoothie ingredient.
Simply peel the unloved nanners, break them into smaller chunks and throw them into a large ziploc bag.

Next time you make a smoothie, you won't even need ice- just throw in a couple of frozen banana chunks and you're set. You'll thank me later.

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