Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yeah, I was high...

Hi there, hope everyone's having a swell day...

Mine started off with this pre-gym snack:

My new whole wheat bread with almond butter and banana + an apple

Theeeen I went to spinning class... Holy mother of Jesus- it was amazing! It has been aWHILE since I've had endorphins like that flowing through my system but, let me tell you, there is [almost] nothing better!!

The instructor at the Y was super nice; she helped me adjust the bike and explained her method of teaching, since this was my first time ever in a spinning class. About halfway through, I thought I might die since I looked in the mirror and saw my face was literally the color of a fully ripened tomato. I got through the whole 50 minutes, and BOY did it pay off. It showed me, though, that I really need to work on my endurance- I love goals ;)

Post-gym car snack:

I came home and made this happen:

Inside- frozen banana, scoop of Sun Warrior protein, frozen mango chunks, a heaping handful of spinach and water. YUM


*Adding spinach to a smoothie is awesome because it's flavor is completely masked by the other fruits/ingredients in the mix. You're getting a full serving of veggies without even tasting it! Highly recommended.

After buzzing around the house getting things done on a super endorphin-induced high, I picked up Isabel and Vana for our goodbye lunch.

At Gingergrass...

One of my absolute favorite LA spots.

I had this delicious elixir:

pureed basil, soda water, lime juice with a sprig of mint + Vana in the background

It's definitely called an elixir for a reason. SO delicious and refreshing!

Onto the main course:

My dream meal- a grilled shrimp noodle bowl. It's a pasta dish (my fav), but the rice stick noodles + abounding herbs and veggies in the mix allow you to finish the entire thing without feeling like you've had too much.

All in all, a perfect meal!

With perfect company...

We then headed to the airport, said our goodbyes to Isabel and headed home.

I've got a little time to kill before work tonight, which will most likely consist of green juice-making, salad preparation and straightening up (? let's hope).

Day 2 of week-long goal= CHECK!

Tomorrow's workout plan is a 10:30 am yoga class at the Y, followed by some sort of interval cardio.

(I'm officially addicted to endorphins)

***Workout Tip: When you plan to hit 2 (or more) realms of exercise in one gym session, do the one that focuses on your main goal first. For example, if you're trying to lose weight, really get into that cardio as soon as you arrive (when you're full of unspent energy), and save the weights for later. If you're trying to stretch and tone your body, maybe do the yoga or pilates first, then relax into the cardio for dessert.

Have a great night!

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