Friday, December 3, 2010


Good evening.

It's been a long, interesting day.

Starting with nutrition class and followed by an intense spin session. I came home in desperate need of a shower only to find our water had been turned off for repairs without notice.

I had a meeting at 4:30 and no working shower.

I managed to somehow "make it work" and get to the meeting on time, looking halfway decent.

The meeting happened.

I soaked up a lot of food for thought that I'm not ready to write about just yet.

...Maybe one day.

I had a good topic to write about brewing earlier but now I've been sidetracked by deep thoughts.

Gotta love that ;)

I need to unplug for the night.

Christmas tree tomorrow, though!

Better believe I'll be back in full force :)

For now though, it's me, this

a journal and some pasta.

Ta ta for now!

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