Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Marriage

***NEWS FLASH: The temperature actually dropped below 65 this morning in LACA...

It was actually sort of dismal, but a welcome change at this point in December.

What better way to ring in the arrival of Father Winter than by eating a couple bites of pumpkin pie straight from the pan?

Before I headed to spin class, I created a plateful paper towelful of heaven!


The Perfect Breakfast Sandwich

The secret ingredient?

100% sheep's milk, soaked in white truffle oil AND produced right here in Los Angeles? Doesn't get much better than that.

I added some truffle oil to the pan for the egg + egg white

and spread some of this on one side of the whole wheat english muffin,

added a little green with the mint (I think it's mint? Tastes like it... I found it in an unlabeled bag that Alex used for his spring rolls the other night)

What a deliciously decadent breakfast to devour while navigating mid-morning traffic on the 101... (totally worth the truffle oil residue that's now covering my steering wheel).

After I got home, it was time to play with the fridge.

In an attempt to consolidate and make a good product great, I set out to marry the last of my pumpkin butter

with the whole of my almond butter

As I mentioned when I made it, the consistency of the AB was just not what I had in mind (I think it's due to my oven burning the almonds, rather than toasting them) so I combined it with the smooth, pudding-like texture of the pumpkin butter to produce:


I'm hoping to figure out a way to bring this home to South Carolina with me on Thursday... I'll let you know how that covert operation pans out.

To give you an update on my planned mission from yesterday: I've been doing really well. All the spinach is gone, along with a bulk of the veggies and eggs!

Gigante salad with apple, bell pepper, kidney beans, goat cheese, carrots and spinach

Grape Nuts + almond milk with banana, goji berries, coconut and ground flax seed

Typical protein spinach mango smoothie PLUS ground flax seed (I try to change it up when I can)

Alright, I've got to dash back out into this beautiful day we're having... seems like winter weather just can't stick here in So Cal.

See you tomorrow with a recap of our Argentine food day!

PS: I started tweeting, so follow me if you'd like yet another voice clogging up your feed...

My name is step2brightside

Full of wisdom. I swear ;)


  1. can't see any pictures :( is it me?

  2. ahhhh! thanks for letting me know... blogger wasn't working for me yesterday so I tried another method. obviously didn't work. i'm on it! :)

  3. Gotta love that pumpkin pie straight from the pan. Hey - pumpkin is a veggie so it's good for you, right? ; )

  4. Such delicious eats...
    I really really wanted to try almond butter.
    I wonder why they don't sell it in Brazil..?!

  5. SO true about pumpkin being a veggie, Ashley!! And Gabriela: what a bummer- you should look online, I'd think Amazon would have it for sure. If not, you can always make your own with some raw almonds and a blender :)

  6. THERE they are! yum-o as usual