Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Sugar Rush

Yes... they still happen sometimes.

But for a girl who used to live completely off the substance, I'd say I've come a long way.

Today, the rush (and subsequent crash) was instigated by this:


I met up with Christian for week two of our "travel around the culinary world without ever leaving LA" tradition... Better title suggestions? Anyone?

Despite it being the first day of December, we met in beautiful Griffith Park for an outdoor Armenian picnic.

Christian went to an authentic Armenian Deli in town and bought six versions of their specialty: Lhamajunes (basically a Mediterranean pizza).

On the outside, it looks like your typical quesadilla

But on the inside...

a tad different.

I had two of the veggie version while Christian and Richmond chowed down on Lhamajunes filled with lamb.

Maybe it's just the Mexican food lover in me, but cheese would have done wonders here. The spices were delicious none the less.

One shocker of the meal were these:

The shock wasn't due to their presence, since olives are obviously a major staple in the Mediterranean diet, but the fact that I actually enjoyed them. I've never been a huge fan of olives. Only in the last couple of months have I discovered my love for the salty flavor... well, I wouldn't say love just yet, but it's definitely getting there.

The best part by far would have to be the baklava.

Dare I say one of my top 5 favorite desserts of all time?

The sweet crusty pastry with gooey honey and pistachio/cinnamon/sugar combo is near perfection. I could see how a Greek god might get used to this...

After downing 3 pieces dessert, the three of us went on an impromptu adventure to Travel Town- a little known landmark found in one of the many secret nooks of the huge park.

I admired the fall scenery...


Then it was all trains, all the time.

A 4 year old boy would go crazy here.

There were even railroad tracks painted on the sidewalk!

I love the inside of this old train car (circa late 1920's)... It felt like a great place to film an episode of Boardwalk Empire, with a little set dressing of course ;)

Then we saw an old circus cage car... sort of gave me the creeps to imagine a poor leopard being put on display like that :(

We went on a ride around the "town" in a mini train (the only adults onboard and proud of it), then I had to scoot my caboose on over to acting class.

Next week, we're thinking of trying Afghan food. Hooray for adventures in culinary delights!

As for this evening: I see the season premiere of Top Chef All Stars in my future (the Christmas decorating has been put off until Saturday)

Before all that, I'm going to prepare a little dinner, which'll include my first attempt at preparing [the meat substitute] seitan. I'll let you know how it goes.

Au revoir til then!

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