Wednesday, December 29, 2010


on several grounds.

Today marks day one of "Quitting Coffee 2011."

Good news: I'm still alive!

I noticed that decaf coffee tastes an awful lot like CHEMICAL, so let's hope all goes as planned and I'm off this stuff in two weeks tops.

Since I was depriving myself of a much-loved pleasure this morning, I thought I'd substitute it with another sort of gratification in the form of breakfast.

That's how "Too Many Dishes French Toast" was born...

It's a take on a recipe from "Skinny Bitch: Everyday Ultimate Cookbook" called Coconut Banana French Toast.

Since I didn't have any coconut milk (I should really get on that), I put a banana, shredded coconut, almond milk, cinnamon and nutmeg in the blender to create this

Then added a splash of TJ's egg whites for good measure (probably could have omitted altogether) and filled another bowl with raw oats.

Dip, dip, sprinkle

And say hello to the hot earth balance-greased pan.

Not too shabby...

Before heading out for Belgium day (part of the World Series of Food), I downed a green juice and gigante salad in preparation for what I knew would be some indulgent delights.

Today was a repeat visit to the Liege Waffle and Coffeehouse, Shaky Alibi.

As I was feeling rather icky on account of the cold rain (that exterior photo is from my last visit) and lack of caffeine, I ordered a pot of sencha green tea to start.

For the main course, I went with a savory waffle.

Yep, that's my first time seeing a waffley grilled cheese too ;)

Between the sweet Belgium waffle is medium cheddar cheese and smoked gouda.

It was an interesting flavor combination for sure (especially after adding Louisiana hot sauce to the equation), but not my favorite. T'was a tad dense and dry.

But, oh the dessert did NOT disappoint.

Unlike last time when I chose to play it safe with a traditional chocolate topping, I opted for the full on imported-straight-from-Belgium speculoos spread + homemade whipped cream.

Mmmmmm... so graham crackery :)

Christian and I had a lovely little chat, then I was off to do some post Christmas shopping.

Has anyone else noticed how INSANE the stores are right now?

Personally, I'm broke as a joke, so it was crazy to go out and see so many people spending away! (Help that economy recover, right?)

A couple notable stops:

Heaven Anthropologie (I could die in the homewares/cooking section)

Then I made the mistake of going into Barnes and Noble, where I was bombarded by an entire wall of cookbooks.

(that's about half of it)

While I could have spent the entire day there and then some, there were other late gifts to be gotten so I made the trek to Target to get supplies for my upcoming Fitnessista-inspired Inspiration Board 2011.

Stay tuned for that puppy this weekend!

Now I'm home enjoying my last night off before a hardcore 3 night work schedule ahead of me.

Deep Thoughts:

As some of you have probably noticed, the blog world is all aflutter with posts on the upcoming year's goals, suggestions for detox plans and the like.

I myself have had similar things on the brain for the past several weeks but am encountering a slight problem when it comes to getting my engine started for this new year.

Not sure if it's post-holiday blues, a life without the gym for over 2 weeks now or the less than stellar fuel I've been ingesting as of late.

Whatever it is, I have no doubt everything'll get back on track once that calendar switches to January and the rat race is on!

How do you feel about the new year? Are you ready to leave this one behind and get going or is there a part of you that wants to stop the clock (juuuust for a second)?

Catcha tomorrow... with something healthy and energy-packed. For reals, y'all ;)


  1. Think I may have to join you in kicking the coffee. I haven't had much since Thanksgiving cause I was sick and I've been getting rushes of anxiety since I started back up again... :P NOT good!

  2. I appreciate your discipline in giving up certain things but coffee, come on, Mad.

    I'll have a cup in your honor.

  3. "Grounds?" Very punny! Stick with the green tea, my child. The evils of caffeine are best left behind!

  4. I am feeling the same way about the New Year, I always do feel like that. I don't like how everyone is so into having a new start because its a new year- its just another excuse to 'wait' to get your life intact- why not just start tomorrow or in June, when you decide you want to change. But HEY if it helps someone with a fresh new start- then go for it!

  5. I switched to decaf two Summers ago. The first week was bad, but it was worth it in the end. I still drink decaf(all the time), but I like not relying on caffeine.

  6. I love barnes & noble...I could hangout there all day long! =) Good luck with getting off the caffeine...sounds like you are off to a great start! Keep up the good work girl =) I keep forgetting that 2011 is right around the corner and I haven't even come up with a new year's resolution yet!