Monday, December 13, 2010

Mission: Possible?

The holidays are officially upon us and this girl's looking at 3 jam-packed days ahead of her before leaving to South Carolina for Christmas.

There are so many things scheduled, obligations to meet and Christmas lists to check off- I should really use my calendar in situations like these, but I'm afraid that ship has sailed (boy, my New Years Resolution list is really building here ;)...

In an effort to avoid wasting anything in the kitchen (as well as take it easy on my wallet), I've come up with a challenge for myself: Refrain from going to the market until I return to LA after Christmas... Only eat what's in the house right now!

I grew up in a house where we were lucky enough to have 3 nourishing meals a day.

But there were still many times when my sister and I would whine, "But there's nothing to eat in this house."

To which my dad would always reply, "C'mon, there's plenty here."

Ok, in all fairness, Anna and I probably weren't qualified to saute up some veggies and pair it with cooked rice or pasta at age 10, BUT now I'm at a place in life where there are no excuses.

I've got SO MUCH in my pantry- it's time to learn to make do.

There are too many people in the world with nothing to let my wasteful ways perpetuate.

So here's the stock (minus non perishable items like spices, grains, rice, pasta, etc):

I see a lot of quesadilla recipes with apples, cheese and yogurt involved.

The only problem with this mission is the seeming lack of veggies. I suppose I can get salads at work to load up on produce + I have a couple bunches of kale left for green juice... I think what you see here will be enough to see me through Wednesday. 

Plus, we all know how much I love those create your own salad bars in the airport ;)

And so begins my no-waste mission with a yogurt mess for breakfast:

The meal plan for the rest of the day:

I have no doubt I'll plow right through these groceries in no time.

Alright, I'm off to begin my whirlwind of a day.... If only there were more hours in it.

Anyone else out there busy prepping for the holidays?


  1. I just finished a hellatious tech week and show weekend with a dance company so I'm happy to get a bit of a break before the holiday madness REALLY sets in! Hope you're doing well

  2. It's times like these when I turn to those great websites where I can type in the ingredients I have on hand and it gives me recipes! Try or AllRecipes, or google "find recipes with ingredients you have." Tasty!

  3. Things surprisingly haven't been too hectic for me. I'm not sure how. That breakfast sandwich looks amazingly delicious.