Thursday, December 30, 2010


But will resist the overwhelming urge and instead share a healthy recipe with you all.

Yes, I said healthy... I could hardly believe it myself as it's been AWHILE since I posted one of these ;)

In the spirit of starting 2011 with a clean slate, I attempted this take on a 3 bean salad.

Not only is it filling and storable for days, it's protein and fiber-packed to boot!

Did I mention it's vegan?

For the complete recipe, click here.

Let's get started.

First, rinse and chop your green beans

(the original recipe calls for canned but I'm not a fan of the soggy, flacid variety so chose to substitute by steaming the real thang)

Then turned to cans

Strain and rinse away

Can't really make a proper salad without the green stuff...

Is it just me or is vegetable chopping uber therapeutic?

Now for the real flavor

The liquids

The powders (creepy photo- thank you dying light)

Mix away and voila:


I was in a total rush to get his done before work and had no problem- prep time was maybe 12 minutes TOPS (that includes steaming the green beans, if you decide to go that route).

Since the salad needed to marinate in the fridge for at least 2 hours before consumption, I have yet to try the bad boy but have a feeling tomorrow's lunch is going to be pret-ty heavenly.

In other news:

A big thanks to those of you who showed support in my kicking this nasty caffeine habit. Day two was alright, though I definitely felt a lull in my overall mood and disposition. I'm hoping this too shall pass.

In case you haven't been outside lately (or you live in a different hemisphere), it is COLD!! If I had a warm house to escape to, it wouldn't be quite so bad but considering most older houses in Los Angeles don't have central heat, I'm currently suffering. Big time!

While every fiber in my being hopes it's not getting a cold, minor signs like a runny nose and achy body have started to creep in... (caffeine withdrawals anyone? okay, maybe not.)

A friend at work suggested I go to a steam room at the gym tomorrow, take a gallon of water and just sit and stretch for 20 minutes. Sweat that mess out. I think I just might.

Anyone else know of a tried and true pre-sickness remedy they'd like to pass along?

Being sick on New Years Eve would be no bueno!


  1. Hope you feel well ASAP, girl!
    Bean Salad looks pretty amazing.
    Take care, M!
    Wish you an incredible NYE.

  2. Thanks Gabriela! I hope you had a great one too :) BTW, I got some fro yo yesterday with you in mind. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!