Monday, December 27, 2010

Divine Pairings

Sometimes a girl just needs a burger and shake...

ESPECIALLY after traveling through 3 time zones, missing her connecting flight and venturing from weather like this at 5 in the morning

to sunny skies and 65 degree temps at 2 in the afternoon

The burger and milkshake I speak of is not your standard fast food fare:

(yes it's fake for a reason, courtesy of)

I was craving the real thing, in every sense of the word:

This vegan burger made of brown rice, black beans and sauteed veggies + side salad and vegan 1000 island dressing can be found at Flore Vegan Cafe in Silverlake. Dare I say the best meatless burger I've ever tasted? Yes, I dare.

And the raw chocolate shake?

Let's just say I'll be recreating this one at home. So easy: banana, cocoa powder, coconut, almond milk and agave.

Even Alex said it tasted better than a Johnny Rocket's shake... and believe you me: he's an expert on these things.

This morning, I woke up eager for a walk in gorgeous weather + coffee.

Lucky for me: I got both...

We moseyed on down to La Mill Coffee (I found out it's not pronounced "L-A Mill," but simply "La Mill"- how French ;)

I tell ya: no matter how many times I walk this route, some new vision always strikes me.

Same goes for Alex, apparently. Notice as he peels this graffiti from the wall....

... to take home and frame for himself. Pretty sure this might to some sort of street art sacrilege. At least now it's off the streets and hanging in a warm, loving home...

Seeing as we'd walked up an appetite, I decided to take advantage of my last day off this holiday season and squeeze in one final splurge meal before the detox commences...

You can take the girl outta the south but you will NEVER take the south outta the girl.

Yes, my friends, that is LA's legendary Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles- according to the menu, it's been:

As you might have guessed from the name, it's not the most vegetarian-friendly place in the world but I was hankerin' for a homemade biscuit + some grits and this might just be the best place in LA to find both. If anyone knows of something better, PLEASE let me know.

Since there are no substitutions allowed and every meal contains some sort of chicken component, I ordered a handful of sides.

umm, a waffle: hel-lo!

grits, eggs with onions and cheese + a hot biscuit, all complete with one pound of butter each (which I respectfully scraped off... for the most part ;)

Alex opted for the real thing:

Fried chicken breast + 2 waffles... Can't go wrong- unless you have a heart condition, in which case I'd advise you to stay far, far away from this place.

Alright, y'all: looks like it's grocery shopping time for me.

While it's certainly been more than nice and dandy partying off the health train for the past week or so, it's time to get back aboard tomorrow.

Be back then with some thoughts and reflections on this time away from the land of green juice and quinoa....

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some chocolate to eat.


  1. Hi Madeleine...just came across your blog and thought I'd follow you! =) The burger and shake look amazing! I've been experimenting with veggie burgers a lot lately and love them more than a meaty hamburger topped off with cheese!

    I read your "who I am" section and was wondering how your acne has been since changing to more of a vegan diet b/c I, too, have been putting up with acne my whole life and would like to get rid of it!

  2. thanks for saying hi yesterday :)

    i wanted to pop over and say hi back :)

  3. Mmm, that vegan burger and shake looked amazing! Better then any real one I've seen :)