Friday, November 5, 2010


Happy Friday everybody!

The temperatures have dropped a little today (into the mid-80's), thank GOD!

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous of the fans I saw on TV last night at the Virginia Tech football game in full fall regalia, exhaling "smoke" due to the cold air.

That'll be me in a couple of weeks when I head to DC to see my aunt, uncle and friends!

Speaking of, check out the best birthday card of all time my aunt sent me:

Inside it says: "It's your bithday. Eat all the crap you want."

This morning I was a little slow getting ready for nutrition class and wound up arriving too late for my ritual Starbucks run... what's a girl to do?!

Luckily my breakfast served as fuel for the first hour... (the bland photo doesn't do it justice)

2 egg whites and almond butter, banana and jelly on half a whole wheat tortilla

... until we had a break and I sauntered over, for the first time, to this cute little shack outside my class' building:

And got a small coffee + a shot of espresso with a touch of half and half.

WOAH! It made me feel good! Makes me wonder if your body can get adjusted to a certain type of coffee... Starbucks hasn't given me a great buzz in a while. Okay, now I'm starting to sound like a crackhead. Onto other things...

After class, Mindy and I met up at Cafe Solar de Cahuenga for a long overdue reunion to catch up on life.

I ordered the quiche combo which consisted of:

a slice of spinach quiche + side salad

Looks tasty right? Well, I had a bite of quiche- delightful- then I moved onto the salad (I like to finish the greens before moving onto other bits on the plate) and after several bites, I discovered a DEAD BUG in between two leaves of lettuce.

Okay. I work in a restaurant. I know stuff like this happens, especially with produce. I calmly (and sweetly) took my plate to the nearest employee, notified him of the problem and asked for it to be replated with the same quiche/ new salad.

He brought me my new plate.

To ere on the side of caution, I poked at the new salad with my fork... to find HALF A DEAD BUG under the lettuce. I was done with that meal. I again notified the employee of the problem and asked for my money back.

I hear bugs are a great source of protein, but I was not in the mood today...

Despite the unfortunate incident, Mindy and I had a great catch-up session. She's given up sugar and has successfully been on the wagon now for 6 days. MAD PROPS TO HER!! Did I mention she works at one of the best cupcake shops in LA? I don't know how she does it, but I'm super proud :)

I came home *starving* and made a salad:

spinach, green bell pepper, cucumber, pom seeds, slivered almonds, goat cheese + vinaigrette

When that wasn't enough, I munched on:

2 Healthy Cookie Bites with almond butter on top

Fueled up and ready, I moved into the makeshift home gym and lifted some weights for a total body workout. Phew, it was definitely tougher the second day. Good stuff.

I made this protein smoothie:

(frozen banana, blueberries, Sun Warrior protein, water and spinach)

before heading to yoga.

Today I opted for a level 1 class since I'd already had an intense workout and wanted to focus on form and stretching. Boy, was it great! Second time at Yoga Works and I think I'm in love. The class was super basic, but it's like starting from the ground up...

I'm excited about this yogic journey!!

I'm home now, getting ready to hit the town in.... STOP THE PRESSES!


Alex and I are grabbing some sushi downtown, then heading to Venice for First Friday... there'll be a lot of walking involved, but I'm ready to give these cuties a GO!

I'll be back later with a recap.

Have a great Friday night!

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