Friday, November 26, 2010

Frothy Friday

Secret's out: I'm not a huge fan of shopping.

While I do love clothes, shoes, housewares and fun gadgets, the yearn to actually go out and purchase them rarely takes hold of me.

That's why, instead of battling the crowds on this monumental Black Friday (something I've never done in all my 20 odd years), I've decided to partake in a little *free* self-indulgence here.

I bring you:

Madeleine's Christmas in her Wild Dreams Wishlist 2010*

*Disclaimer: I am a firm believer that I have everything I need in life- shelter, food, something to cook it with, lots of love and a car (I'm in LA, remember?) BUT that doesn't stop a girl from every now and then dreaming up all the things she COULD have, were she totally flush and completely into things ;)

First, I'd love to have

my student debt paid off

so that all my expendable income could instead go towards

a long trip to Europe.

There, I would take amazing and inspired photos with

my new Canon SLR camera

and return to the states so overwhelmed by my previous worldly culinary adventures that I'd sign up for

cooking classes.

Of course, a blossoming chef can't get by without

a durable set of cookware,

a working stove


a must for their library: The Joy of Cooking.

Since my caloric intake would no doubt rise immensely from all the cooking/baking I'd be doing with my newly acquired skills and tools, I'd need to focus just as heavily on my fitness as the eats. That's where

spinning shoes would come in handy,

along with a Polar heart rate monitor.

To reduce my carbon footprint and add even more cardio to my everyday life, I would ride

my new bicycle (with basket) all over-

to farmers' markets, grocery stores and daily outings in general. Of course my being so busy in the kitchen would no doubt induce a craving for a night on the town- the perfect time to wear

genuine Christian Louboutin black pumps.

And while we're neck deep in dreamin' big dreams, it'd be swell if Santa could conjure up some sort of magical

"fly anywhere, anytime for free" pass

that would allow me to visit faraway friends and relatives whenever I got the urge.

Thanks for indulging me, guys :)

I hope everyone survived their Black Fridays... if you've got leftovers, have some for me.

I'm off to work!

What's number 1 on your Holiday list this year?

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