Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Pantry Diaries

Reorganizing the pantry was one of those things I kept SAYING I needed do every time I opened it, but never actually got around to it.... until today.

And it wasn't something that just happened this morning like, "Hmmm... today'd be a great day to reorganize the pantry!" I've been plotting, planning and researching for several weeks now.

First, I looked into the oxo brand...

courtesy of

I'm sure you've seen them in stores looking all perfectly stacked and convenient. They definitely caught my eye, being the Type A person that I am, but after doing my research I found the following pros and cons.


they look great

they save space with easy stacking and removeability

they have a vacuum seal pop on and off top, good for keepin' it fresh

they're BPA free


they're a little overpriced for my wallet ($100 for a 10 piece set?)

they're only convenient if you keep buying the brand. How are you going to easily stack an Ikea brand storage device on top of these? Not so much...

the sizes they come in are random, ranging from 9oz-128 oz. I could do with more standard and consistent 8-16-24 oz devices

After rejecting that idea, I kept searching online and came across a post on Emily's blog about her pantry re-organizing session- immediately it made sense:


Sure, they might remind you of your grandma, but they're the perfect solution to your disheveled pantry needs.


they're glass- no evil plastic here

they're affordable and therefore easily replaceable and "add-onable"

they come in perfect sizes: pint, half pint, quart, etc

you can buy them by the case!


they're not quite as stack-friendly as the oxo's, but you can make it work

the whole two-part top situation (see above) is not SO convenient

...But is easily resolved by purchasing plastic Mason jar caps for a measly $3.50 a box!

They fit like a dream and keep things extra fresh!

With my supplies in place

and protein pancakes + coffee for fuel,

I got to work.

And messy work it was...

But SO worth it-

From the top down-






I purchased the tiered rack here.





See, even the boxes that the jars came in serve as convenient storage!

To inconspicuously label jars, I removed the nutrition facts/preparation instructions from each product

and taped them to their respective containers

(I know, Martha Stewart wouldn't approve- luckily I can turn the haphazard side to the back)

The three BEST reasons to go this Mason jar route?

1. I can buy almost everything in bulk now! This not only cuts costs, but also allows me to purchase just enough of whatever I need, avoiding spoilage!

2. Everything's so accessible- and I know what I have. It's a great way to avoid that long lost bag of potatoes purchased in 2007 turning into something you really don't want to see. Or smell.

3. It's far more aesthetically pleasing if you ask me ;)

Speaking of aesthetics, about the blog...

I know I promised a full breakdown of my plans today but I've unfortunately got to wait 'til Monday.

Work is screaming my name right now- but I swear I'll explain everything on the morrow!

Love til then


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