Saturday, November 6, 2010



It's the freakin' weekend- get excited!

This'll be a quick post as I'm off to Actorfest for the day. Fascinating, I know. This'll be my first year attending the event but apparently it's a sort of convention for actors, hosted by Backstage. The least it will be is great people watching ;) Ah, actors....

Last night was tons of fun.

It started with sushi and vino at Octopus downtown:

We hopped over to Bottega Louie post dinner so I could grab a double espresso and house-made pumpkin macaroon. Delicious.

Then we got on the freeway

and headed to one of my FAVORITE parts of LA


This was my first time attending the monthly "art walk" at Abbott Kinney and I've got to say, it was a bit crowded for my taste. I thought it was supposed to revolve around local galleries and artists, but it turned out to be more of a food truck festival. There must have been at least 40 food trucks lining the street, selling everything from tacos and Korean barbeque to cakes and Italian ice.

In which we happily indulged. I chose a small cup of mango and kiwi strawberry... I could taste the chunks of fruit... Yum. Who knew I'd be eating Italian ice outside at the beach wearing a tank top in November?

There were tons of people crammed onto the sidewalk and great window shopping:

Can I have every pair please?

After we were tired of the crowds and cramming, we headed home to get some rest.

In case you were wondering, the heels held up pretty well though my tootsies are ACHING this morning. The price of beauty, folks.

Now I'm up and eating:

2 boiled eggs + 1 pieces of whole wheat toast with Earth Balance and coffee

Protein and fiber to fuel the day.

I better get to steppin'

I'll see you guys later!!


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