Saturday, November 20, 2010

Less Think, More Do

This morning was rather... contemplative

And rainy.

Filled with coffee

and rambling notebook writing.

Alex is out of town this weekend so I'm, by default, filling up quiet time in the house with solitary thoughts and ponderings.

I awoke hankering for some protein pancakes, but when I discovered we were fresh out of eggs, I went on a mission.

Apparently eggs and pancakes were just not in the cards this morning after traveling to 2 different locations and leaving empty-handed (the first because they were out of eggs- how does that happen? and the second because they didn't carry any that were free range or organic. I'm picky about my eggs).

I was in a hurry to meet with my new scene partner in (duh duh duuuuh) the valley, so I jumped back in the car and ended up making a pit stop for breakfast.

I was starving!

So I enjoyed 2 scrambled eggs, a bowl of grits (YES!), whole wheat toast and an "ultimate pancake" (granola, nut and wheat filled)

All that was left on the plate by the time I finished was 2 bites of grits and 1 bite of toast.

TOLD YOU I was hungry.

After a very successful meeting with my scene partner, I ventured into Samuel French for a bit of splurge-tastic time (O GEEZ!) then headed home, THINKING again.

I discovered today that when I'm alone with my thoughts, I tend to THINK myself out of taking ACTION- for fear of failing, the act being a waste of time... whatever the case may be.

But I also realized the instances I've felt most content and accomplished are those when I'm DOING something and not THINKING so much- committing myself to writing this blog is a prime example.

Therefore, I'm going to start making a mindful (though not too thoughtful) effort DO more often.

Starting... now!

Off to the gym before work.

Be back tomorrow with a lengthy pantry post and future blog plans.



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