Monday, November 29, 2010


Have I told you about my latest?

Dark chocolate covered "Espresso Pillows" from Trader Joe's.

I'm not exaggerating when I say I could literally put the tin up to my mouth and pour.

My love for all things coffee and chocolate comes as no surprise to anyone who knows me well.

Some might even go so far as to call it an addiction... No comment.

Since the pumpkin bread is reduced to this:

and I almost jumped out of my chair with joy when I saw this recipe on Angela's blog, I figured this would be the PERFECT morning to give these babies a go...

And that's how "Perfect Chocolate Coffee Scones" came into my life...

First I combined the almond milk and apple cider vinegar to let it curdle (I read on Emily's blog that this combo serves as a substitute for buttermilk in vegan baking. HOORAY for learning new things!!)

Then it was coffee time...

Once you go freshly ground, you never go back.

The recipe called for "strong coffee," and I happily made it so!

Once the wet and dry mixes are ready...

Combine. (And bemoan your camera for freaking out on you temporarily)

The aroma was already intoxicating.

Now for the best part:

We're ready to bake!

I watched my special needs oven very carefully as I did the dishes (my new favorite habit), and out they came.

Perfect... If I do say so myself.

Remember that these are scones, so if you're expecting a super sweet cookie-like taste, you might be disappointed. I think they'll make an excellent breakfast appetizer tomorrow morning... Yes, I occasionally eat breakfast appetizers like scones or pumpkin bread (when they're around the house), then follow it up with something heartier and healthier like this:

A breakfast quesadilla on whole wheat tortilla with egg, goat cheese and grilled red onion...

With a side of salsa, of course.

I'm off to the gym... hope my membership card still works ;)

I'll be back tomorrow with thoughts on maintaining fitness levels during the holidays!

See ya :)


  1. The breakfast burrito looks so good! Did you make it on a frying pan?? The tortilla looks like it was cooked perfectly! My new favorite Trader Joes food is the Tomato and Basil Hummus dip - just got it yesterday.

  2. I did make it in a frying pan, just greased it with earth balance and put the tortilla on, added the [mostly] cooked eggs n stuff, folded over and flipped. SO GOOD