Sunday, October 10, 2010

Busy Bee

What up, y'all?!

Wow, what a jam-packed weekend was just had.

It all started with COLLEGE FOOTBALL!

Alex and I ventured to the west side in search of a Cal bar (very hard to find, considering they were playing UCLA and, uh, we're in LA)... We eventually found a spot where we could comfortably sit, drink beer, eat and watch both the Golden Bears AND the Gamecocks whoop some major booty!

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time- what a great game! Now my alma mater, University of South Carolina, is ranked #10 after beating (formerly) #1 ranked Alabama. Hooooooo yeah!

Ok, enough of that- sorry if you have no interest in sports. I've been where you are. But this is just too frickin' exciting not to mention.

After the bar, two beers and this mediocre lunch:

grilled vegetable sandwich + sweet potato fries (mine were way better)

We moseyed on over to Alex's little cousins' school fall carnival...

Complete with:


Fro Yo- YUM

Discontent Ride Operators (poor guy, the kids were having so much fun. Him? Not so much...)

And Games- Alex won a stuffed turtle for me :)

Once we'd had quite enough of that, we made the long trek back to Silverlake, collapsed on the couch and ordered in some Thai food.

Seein' as I was fiending for noodles, I got pad thai:

And tried these veggie + baked tofu summer rolls:

I CANNOT get into tofu. As much as I try, it just does not float my boat. Maybe one day... Recipe suggestions anyone?

We eventually peeled ourselves off the couch and made our way to Hollywood, where we celebrated a friend's birthday. I drank half a beer- yes, some call me lame ;)

I had to be home at a DECENT hour, though, considering my great friend Lee and I were heading to the infamous Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market at the butt crack of dawn. Well, 7:30am... but that's pretty early for a Sunday!

Before we set off, I had this little [blurry] bfast:

And packed some snackage:

We made a pitstop at Starbucks and finally ended up here:

Wow, this place was everything I'd heard about and more.

There were rows and rows of this:

Here are a few pics (gah, I wish I had a better camera)

AMAZING glazed almonds made sans butter and oil- just sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and water. Mmmmmmm

I loved this little vintage "Suzy Homemaker" booth setup, but the vendor got super pissed at me for taking a photo. She'd probably be even more pissed if she knew I posted it on the internet. Oh well.

Some beautiful bottles excavated from various sites around Los Angeles- all dating from the late 1800's to mid 1900's.

The booth of my childhood- all princess things, all the time. Real looking tiaras, jeweled necklaces, decorative pillows... So girly, I almost died. But I didn't give in. I left this booth empty-handed. What am I going to do with a vintage tiara anyway? Don't answer that...

We left sunburned and happy about 5 hours later, goodies in hand.



I came home to work on my wine post (which I'll finally be posting when I return from work this evening) and eat this:

My "Eat this Summer Salad While you Still Can- Thank you California" mix included:
spinach, black eyed peas, carrots, goat cheese, beautiful organic strawberries (yes, in October!), red bell pepper, Mary's crackers and balsamic vinaigrette. BOMB!

Okay, I've got to hustle to work then come home and get that wine post up for you guys.

Enjoy your Sunday night... Here's to a fantastic fall week ;)


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