Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pulling in the Reins

Good morrow all,

Today marks day 3 of the LA Monsoon and day 1 of my semi-blown season changing sickness- irk.

Last night's veggie burger attempt was pretty delightful, if not a tad time consuming since it involved the use of our antiquated oven AND my new pride and joy:

The food processor (isn't she gorge?)

The burger itself contained garbonzo beans (chick peas- whatevs), 2 cloves of garlic, 1/2 a cup of slivered almonds ground into a meal (hence the food processor) and some spices.

Quite simple, but totally delicious.

The mix:

Some pan action:

The sweet potato fries were a hit, though the oven did a little burn number on some:

still quite edible though ;)

After I steamed some broccoli and added a little cheese, the plate came out comme ca:

As with all my forays into cooking, this served as a valuable learning experience:

  1. I need to get the timing thing down- it seems essential that the fries come out of the oven the same time the burgers go into the pita. hot food = good food
  2. The burger needs a flavorful sauce... Dijon mustard worked this time but I think I'll make my own next time around
Despite the minor flaws, I loved this meal, as did Alex (I think)!

This morning was supposed to be full of yoga and mas cardio, but based on the state of my sinuses when the alarm went off, it was just not. happening.

The throat tickle started yesterday and I brushed it off as dryness from the cold night air (I leave the bedroom window open at night) but today my nose joined in the fun and it has turned into a semi-blown cold!

Needless to say, I rested in my warm bed for a bit then bustled to the kitchen to make the most vitamin c packed breakfast I could manage:

Plain yogurt, a heaping handful of raspberries, banana, ground flax seed and honey + fresh squeezed oj.

I'm not a HUGE juice drinker, as most are loaded with added sugar but seeing as we had fresh California oranges and a juicer, I figured "Why the ef not?"

After eating/drinking/resting, I knew acting class was on the horizon so again I racked my brain for the most antioxidant and vitamin loaded things to consume in my kitchen and came up with:

Green juice

from this:

An acai berry smoothie with blueberries (2 of the most healthy berries you can get):

I drank both down in a hurry, went along to acting class where I guzzled tons of water and nibbled on this:

(I know you can't really see the chocolate LARABAR, but I like the photo because you get a taste of our class' space- fun!)

I rushed home to give you guys this little update before heading off to work... my section's outside- that should be interesting ;)

But it'll give me plenty of time to read this little diddy:

Selection 1 of my 3 plays to read this week...

Sionara for now xo


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