Monday, October 18, 2010

Double Fistin'

Despite what the title may suggest, I was NOT hungover again today!

Last night was completely void of alcohol and full of... alfredo.

Vegan alfredo.

I'll be the first to admit I was a little weary of this concept.

Isn't the abundance of cream and butter what makes alfredo so divine?

When I stumbled upon this vegan version, I knew I had to try it. If there is even the SLIGHTEST chance of making one of my favorite foods on earth healthier, you better believe I'm going to give it a go.

The main ingredients?

Raw Unsalted Cashews

Nutritional Yeast- a cheesy flavored powder that serves as a great vegetarian protein source (it can also be added to eggs- but I warn you: use sparingly!! the flavor's kind of intense)

Roasted Red Peppers (these guys were optional and honestly, I'd probably leave them out on the next go 'round)

I put all this + Almond milk and the other ingredients into the trusty blender:

I know- looks positively scrumptious, right? ;)

While all this was happening, my brown rice pasta was boiling away

When the alfredo was all blended together, I poured it onto the pasta, added some steamed broccoli and let the stove top do its job.

Once steaming hot, I destributed the pasta into his and her bowls:

Alex's on the left with added chicken and mine with broccoli only.

To be honest, I was nervous.

This was my first attempt at the recipe and I had REALLY high hopes.

I mean, this was ALFREDO.

To my absolute delight, it was delicious!

Like I mentioned earlier, I'll probably leave out the roasted red peppers next time (because believe you me- there WILL be a next time) but other than that, the consistency and flavor were not too far off from it's creamy counterpart.

After dinner, I lounged on the couch with my dear and watched Madmen while nibbling a couple bites of this:

I planned on going to the gym this morning (since Mindy was unable to do outdoor yoga and the gray skies certainly meant a muddy ground would be waiting), but I could not get out of bed!

Instead, I slept a little later and forced myself to meet up with Jillian Michaels in the living room for our second rendez-vous.

I have to say: this time was not NEARLY as difficult as the last. It goes to show, if you keep pushing through the pain and building your endurance through regular exercise, there's always a pay off!

The pre-workout fuel consisted of hemp-nola with raspberries and chia seeds:

After I was nice and PUMPED UP, I went to Hollywood to meet my friend Sabrina for lunch at Cafe Solar on Cahuenga. This place is awesome because they have fresh crepes aaaaaand:

French Press Coffee

Mmmmmm... now that the weather is turning, I think it's time to put the iced coffee to rest and pull out the ol' French Press on the regular. Yessiree

I was fiendin' for some protein after all the resistance work I'd done earlier, so I opted for an omelet:

in the mix: squash, mushrooms, red pepper and pesto (instead of mozzarella) + whole wheat toast and a side salad

Sabrina's also an actress with a GREAT outlook on the business; it was nice to hear such a positive perspective!

I left feeling giddy from the great convo and coffee and headed home to get some chores done before acting class.

Prior to laundry, this happened:

A bottle of water in one hand and a cherry, hemp seed, banana, SunWarrior protein smoothie in the otha'

The afternoon flew by, I packed up this semblance of a dinner:

and headed to acting class early to rehearse my scene.

5 hours later- sheesh- here I am, back at home and ready to pass out.

If time does me right tomorrow, I should be making those healthy cookies I mentioned last weeeeeeek...

Have a great Tuesday!!


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