Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wino Tendencies

Happy Weekend, everybody!

It's still pretty toasty over here in LALAland... I gotta be honest, with college football on TV, Halloween garb all over stores and pumpkin mix on the shelves, I'm hankering for some crisp Autumn weather.

A girl can dream ;)

I'm sure you're all dying to know how the mango salmon dinner turned out- haha

Well... it certainly didn't beat the tuna dish from a couple of weeks ago but it was still edible.

I started out with this:

Then moved onto this:

sauteed some green beans, made a little whole wheat couscous

et voila:

The mango salsa was AMAZING (fresh mango, roasted red pepper, red onion, chili pepper, fresh lime juice, a little agave for added sweetness- all marinating for 2 days), but in hindsight, I think it would have paired better with a white fish- maybe halibut or seabass?

The whole wheat couscous was a little bland for my taste- even after adding half a vegan bouillon cube + feta cheese. I used some garlic gold oil to sautee the green beans, but I'll use a little less next time, as they were a tad greasy.

So there you have it: full disclosure on what I thought of my latest dinner endeavor.

I planned on hitting the gym at 9:15 this morning for a 90 minute power yoga class but woke up at 8am with an icky headache and decided to keep on resting until a little after 9.

I finally got out of bed, cursing the cheap Trader Joe's Sauvignon Blanc I'd sipped on the night before. (2 glasses?! I guess you get what you pay for)

I made some pre-gym breakfast:

1 boiled egg + 1 egg white, some whole wheat toast with my favorite and ONLY butter substitute I will ever use:

Earth Balance is delicious, nutritious and an essential part of many vegan recipes.


Alex and I finally got to the gym, where I did 30 minutes of cardio and some ab floor work/ stretching.


After the gym, I made a yummy spinach and mango smoothie, complete with protein.

Then a little snackie for the road:

whole wheat pita with almond butter, sliced banana and honey

Look! It's a taco!

Mira and I drove to Bloomie's to get our makeup done by my insanely talented makeup artist friend, Heith.

We both turned out beautifully :)

I'm back at the casa now, chowing down on this beast of a salad:

spinach, raw green beans, hummus, strawberries, goat cheese, carrots, bell pepper and, to add a little crunch, some crumbled Mary's crackers...

They're so GOOD and 8 billion times better for you than Ritz or Wheat Thins. Heaven with any sort of cheese...

Alex and I are headed to a family birthday dinner tonight, then mayjah house chores tomorrow.

Good news! Our landlord came over to fix a couple things today and when we explained the problem with our stove:

(It's ancient, the temperature settings don't work and it's not big enough to fit most standard dishes or pans).

He said if we find one that fits in the corner, he'll buy it for us- HOORAY! New stove on the way, which means more fresh cookies and cakes mmmmmm...

Hope you guys enjoy your Saturday night!

Stay tuned for an upcoming post on wine... Are some better for us? Does organic really make a difference? Is there truth to the myth that cheap wine = unavoidable hangover? (Judging by my state this morning, I would definitely vouch for that last one ;)


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