Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Invisible Fro Yo

Hello there!

I hope you're enjoying your Wednesday evening... I know I am.

Typically, any night I'm NOT carrying a tray is a good one ;)

Last we spoke, I told you about my chili in progress on the stove.

Well, this would usually be the time when I show you a shoddy quality photo of that deliciousness but UNFORTUNATELY my memory card is inexplicably corrupt and all the photos I've taken over the last 24 hours have vanished. I have nothing visual for you guys tonight.

(Is it wrong that this little snafu makes me feel entitled to drop $600 on a Canon SLR camera? Probably.)

Ok, back to reality. Words will have to suffice.

The black bean butternut squash chili turned out to be a smash success; I added a little cayenne pepper to the mix to give it an extra kick- it made all the difference :)

After work, I was craving a dessert like mad. Instead of giving into the straight butter, eggs and white bread that is our restaurant's sinfully good bread pudding, I opted for a slightly healthier dessert option: YOGURTLAND.

If your town does not have a Yogurtland, then I sincerely apologize for even mentioning it.

It is, hands down, the best yogurt shop EVER. There are always at least 15 soft serve self-serve flavors to choose from- and they all taste amazing!

Last night I pumped some pumpkin pie yogurt into my oversized cup, added a little coconut shavings, cheesecake bits and BAM!

TOO GOOD FOR WORDS. (or a picture)

This morning, I was supposed to hit up yoga class but once I got to working on some things I'd long been putting off, I realized I didn't have much time before acting class to check off all my to do's. I thought, "Yoga's gonna to have to wait for another day. I got SH*T to do!"

So I did it. And it felt good. I straightened up the house, sent some emails, did some research I'd been meaning to do for weeks and still had enough time to soak some white beans (for a homemade hummus project in the works), make a gigantic salad and some green juice before class.

It goes to show that sometimes, you just gotta MAKE the time.

After a stellar acting class, Alex and I went to a new vegan place (well, new to us) called Green Leaves in Los Feliz. Now, I'm not usually one for fake meats (I just figure I gave up meat for a reason and don't really want to subject my taste buds to a sub-par substitute) but tonight, I had a spring roll with ficken (fake chicken) and it wasn't bad.

Alright, I'm off to put a dent in another growing to do list: my stack of unread magazines and books.

Have a great evening!

I'll be back later with pictures, I promise ;)


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