Monday, October 4, 2010

Emo Monday

Hi all,

It's Monday (in case you hadn't noticed) and since we're looking to focus on the bright side over here, at least it's winding down :)

Mine started with a miracle from Mother Nature:


Yes, it was a true "stop the presses" moment for us here in Southern California. I've really been enjoying it, if not allowing myself to indulge in a little "O woe is me" time... But I find it can be therapeutic and good for everyone from time to time.

Pre-workout breakfast consisted of:

2 boiled eggs + a bowl of Quaker oats with cinnamon and one drop of Stevia extract

As I told you last Monday, Mindy and I wanted to keep our weekly outdoor yoga ritual going, but alas, it was not to be on this gloomy morning. We still made the most of it and went to the gym- a little elliptical time was all I could muster, but it served me well throughout the rest of the day.

After the gym, we went to Bricks and Scones:

...Another fabu spot I was turned onto by Mira :)

As you can see, the front patio is a veritable oasis in the big city, but the inside really takes the cake. It's set up like a multi-story study, complete with winding staircase, comfortable seating, ornate desks and dim lighting. A perfect spot for a rainy day. And of course, all the Angelinos were taking advantage of that fact so we were forced to sit outside... thank God for umbrellas.

I sipped on this

a *hot* soy mocha- my first hot drink in awhilllllle- so good!

And nibbled on this snuck-in snack

Ginger snap! It was season-appropriate and delicious.

Mindy and I chatted about life, then I headed home, where I was to meet up with my friend Matthew for lunch.

We were planning on trying out a new vegan place nearby BUT when I heard he'd never been to Gingergrass, it was a no-brainer.

I'm happy to report that I did not get my usual, and instead opted for a Claypot Shrimp Vegetable Curry with brown rice... mmm mmm good.

It went spendidly with a pot of green tea. Two hot drinks in one day? As you can see, I'm really soakin' up the chilly wet weather while I have it.

Matthew and I also chatted about life and whatnot, then I came home to temporarily wallow in my gloominess.

I'm not going to bore you with my trivial problems, but I will say that they involve money (or the lack thereof) and becoming further acquainted with life in the real adult world. Bleck!

Nothing a little almond butter/ banana sandwich and straightening up the house won't cure.

Flying high on my closet organization romp from yesterday, I've decided to take the next step and am now putting my affairs in order. (Ha, how Jane Austen of me ;)

(nice empty green juice glass in the background for ya)

It's time I really get a grip on my finances and since I'm a fan of organizing and taking action, I figured *what better time than now?*

Let's hope this works!

I still haven't thought of a good concrete creativity goal for the week, so instead:

I will read 3 plays by next Monday.

It's a mix of creativity and knowledge... I'll be sure to let you know which plays they are and exactly what I think of them as the week progresses.

Signing off now, acting class tonight followed by a little r & r.

I hope this post goes to show you that we all need a little emo in our lives now and then.

See you tomorrow, when things'll be back on the up and up!


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