Friday, October 8, 2010


Hey guys,

It's Friiiiiday- this is quickly becoming my favorite day of the week...

Good news! I feel MUCH better today... after working last night and leaving early, I felt like death. I mean: the worst of the worst. I was somehow able to FINALLY fall asleep, despite my pounding headache and inability to breathe through my nose.

I (magically?) woke up this morning- at 6:15am for my nutrition exam- feeling A LOT better. The healing power of rest is no joke. I took some Mucinex, ate this bowl of yummy health:

And things (aka germs) seem to be working themselves out.

Best news! I can taste again :)

To celebrate this renewed happy fact, I met Alex in Little Tokyo for lunch at Curry House.

Meeeeh, this isn't my favorite place since much of the menu is deep fried, but they do have good salads + curry, so I can deal.

I opted for this:

Spicy shrimp curry with brown rice, salad, [way too] sweet corn soup + deep fried (fake?) shrimp that I took one bite of and uh... spit into my napkin.

Curry 2 days in a row? Makes me a happy chick.

When I got home, I did a whole bunch of finance organizing + credit score checking- icky icky stuff, I tell ya.

All these gross money issues made my ever present yearn for ice cream sky rocket to "gotta have it" mode, so I decided to make my own healthy version.

The recipe I sort of followed can be found in Eat, Drink and Be Vegan...

I threw some frozen banana into the food processor

Once they were all chopped, I added some pure maple syrup, almond butter, pinch of salt, cinnamon and a dash of vanilla extract

I gave it a little taste (FYI: quality control is the best part of cooking/baking/making food- as if you didn't know THAT already) and decided it was missing something...


And like MAGIC:

It was amazinggggg- homemade, healthy ice cream! What could be better?! Umm, probably chocolate syrup- I need to get on that asap.

Here's me living dangerously licking the blade. Yup.

The sun's back out in LACA (Los Angeles, CA) and it's absolutely beautiful outside.

I'm going to see The Social Network tonight and am hankerin' for some Mexican food. Hopefully that'll happen sooner than later...

I'll be back tomorrow... Enjoy your Friday night!


  1. Watch out for that chocolate syrup! It's got a lot of corn syrup in it...Better to get some high-grade cocoa powder and make your own.