Thursday, October 7, 2010

Joni Mitchell was Right

You really don't know what you got til it's gone...

And in my case that would be a sense of smell, and subsequently, TASTE- thanks to this little seasonal cold I've developed.

Last time we spoke, I was headed to work where I was to spend much of my 8 hour shift outside. Well in case you were wondering the best way to turn a half ass cold into full-blown, there's your answer folks.

In an attempt to stave it off, I enjoyed this:

a bowl of tomato basil soup + wheaty bead with REAL butter... mmmhm

My efforts were all in vain since I can honestly say that's the last thing I tasted.

This morning I munched on all this stuff, hoping to get at least a small glimmer of its essence :

2 egg whites, bowl of oats with cinnamon, flax seed, chia seeds + a piece of toast.


Then I started to get annoyed. I'm thinking, "Why bother eating as healthy as possible; forgo mountains of desserts, filet mignon and your standard burger and fries if I'm still going to succumb to a common cold?!"

Have no fear! I managed to get ahold of myself by thinking of all the ways healthy eating makes my life better:
  • more energy
  • a more positive outlook
  • clear skin
  • a better body image
  • the right to splurge when I want to
  • less risk for bad things in the future
I still decided to throw in the towel and buy some OTC cold medicine. Knowing that another night of work loomed in my future (gotta make that chedda' y'all), I just had to get some kind of relief!
It may look like a lot but I see it as variety (plus, there was a $5 credit card minimum at the gas station).

I downed a dose of Dayquil and got to studying for my first nutrition exam tomorrow morning.

A little while later, I tried my buds at this little snack:

Still no taste.

Then it came to me! What sort of food will taste strong, amazing and clear my nasal passages at the same time?

You got it! Indian food....

Don't let the mini mall setting fool you, this place is BOMBBBB! I ordered takeout and when I entered the restaurant, it seemed the whole staff was on lunch break, watching an Indian soap opera. (If you thought Mexican soaps were dramatic, you have obviously never been treated to the Indian variety- geez.)

I brought my vegetarian vindaloo curry home (extra spicy), filled the plate with homemade brown rice, added some garlic naan to top it off (garlic has healing properties, right?)

And there you have it. Amazingness on a plata'...

I'm chowing down now and while it's not quite as pungent as my usual Indian fare experiences, it's doing the job- I'm getting a slight sense of the aromatic spices and heat.

Gotta get to work... Here's hoping tomorrow I'll be on the road to 100% recovery.

And remember, NEVER take any of your 5 senses for granted and please, eat (and enjoy) a gingerbread cookie for me!


***Upcoming this weekend: that post on wine I promised you....

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